We only uses the freshest original eggs imported from Okinawa. Delight in the golden orange yolk unique to Japanese eggs and revel in the fuwa fuwa (fluffy) texture of our egg dishes in a truly eggstravanza menu that comprises of various dishes and Desserts! Tamago-EN特選日本沖繩直送最新鮮的雞蛋,每週新鮮空運到港,為您製作正宗日式玉子料理。從全日早餐、沙律、三文治、丼物、蛋包飯和甜品中,一嚐日本雞蛋獨有的鮮橙色蛋黃,感受料理的fuwa fuwa(蓬鬆)口感。

What's the difference between Tamago-EN original egg and general japanese egg?Tamago-EN的雞蛋和一般日本雞蛋有什麼分別?

  • Nuturitional value營養價值

    Nuturitional value Nuturitional value

    The Okinawa eggs that we use in Tamago-EN have beautiful orange yolk and have higher nutritional value than eggs sold in the market. We provide healthy eggs that are rich in balanced nutrients. Tamago-EN所選用的沖繩雞蛋每顆都有橙黃色的蛋黃,比我們日常在超市見到的更有營養價值!Tamago-EN的雞蛋都是富有營養價值和健康的。                                  

  • Freshness新鮮度

    Tamago-EN's eggs are raised in the natural environment of Okinawa, where the chickens are fed a nutritious diet and managed thorough hygiene control. they are flown in fresh every week. This is why we are able to offer safe, tasty and fresh eggs. 在沖繩的自然環境中,孕育出來的雞蛋是非常新鮮。而我們自家農場所用的飼料都經過細心調配,營養豐富,並且有嚴格的衛生管理,確保我們的雞蛋達至最高的食品安全標準。


    Rich and Hearty Taste濃郁和豐富口感

    It has been verified that the Okinawa eggs used by TAMAGO-EN have more than three times the richness and hearty flavour compared to ordinary eggs. Tamago-EN的沖繩雞蛋在濃郁和口感豐富度上,比一般的雞蛋高出三倍以上。



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